A mediation for à la carte schoolchildren!

Schoolchildren at the museum

The museum organizes many activities, visits and workshops for schoolchildren of all levels. With a public service and a teacher seconded by the National Education, we are at the disposal of teachers to build tailor-made workshops, depending on the educational project chosen.
The museum also organizes actions with external partners to complete the visit of the collections. The Loire, the Fine Arts, the history of the arts, architecture, the world of museums… are all topics that can be addressed.

Do not hesitate to contact our mediator who will develop with you the program of your visit, your workshops or animations: 03 86 26 71 02.

Prices : free admission, guided tour (with practical workshop or not): 20 € per group. – Free for schoolchildren in Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire.

Audiences concerned:

  • All schools (general and vocational education) from kindergarten to high school.
  • Extracurricular structures (SEGPA, CLIS, CIPA, ULIS…)
  • Specialized institutes (ITEP, IME…)

A museum, collections, exhibitions…

The Loire Museum is particularly dedicated to a 'Loire collection' on the historical and ethnographic heritage of the city made of decorated earthenware, paintings, photographs, everyday objects, tools, boat models, etc. It also houses a 'Beaux-Arts' collection bequeathed by Emile Loiseau, representative of the Ecole de Paris between 1910 and 1925. In addition, we can see 2 to 3 times a year a temporary exhibition presenting in a more sustained way a view on one of these aspects.

A museum, a convent…

The building itself is the former Augustinian Convent and a GuardHouse (IMH 15/06/1977) which preserves beautiful remains from the 16th to the 18th centuries, such as the magnificent fireplace of the prior's house (classified OAM 18/12/1957). The museum is located in the heart of the historic city center, near the old castle of Cosne, on the banks of the River Nohain and a stone's throw from the Loire. The city, the quays, the sailors' houses, the flood marks, the sailors' chapel in the Saint-Jacques church, the old forges of La Chaussade, are all elements that complete the themes treated in the museum.

The Augustinian convent in the early seventeenth century, print

Animations, visits and heritage workshops

"The museum enters the convent…»

The Loire Museum is housed in a building listed as a Historic Monument since 1977 and preserves architectural elements dating from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

"Thank you Dad! »

The term "heritage" comes from "patermonium" (father's legacy), the museum's collections, the building (ISMH 15/06/1977), the Loire, the historical heritage of the city… are all elements that serve as a basis for raising students' awareness of the preservation of our environment.


What is a museum, what is it for? A museum in France aims to preserve, enrich and exhibit its public collections. Students become familiar with the missions of a museum and learn about cartels, inventory numbers, safety and conservation rules.

Modern Painting Room

Animations, visits and Fine Arts workshops

" Cyan, magenta, yellow: the artist's palette…»

Colors at the service of painting (manufacturing, symbolism, contrast, mixing…)

"Artists at work "

What is the environment of artistic creation (workshop, tools, model, exhibition…)

Exploration of the techniques of drawing, painting, photography, earthenware, engraving and sculpture.

"In the frame "

Still life, landscape, portrait… discovery of genres in painting.

"What story?»

Children find a work from a story or tell a story from a work.

And also: Introduction to the history of art and the description of works of art

Salle des métiers de Loire and the beliefs of sailors

Animations, visits and workshops Loire
(The animations can be completed by an outing in the city).

"People of the Loire"

Sailors, smugglers, haulers, washerwomen… what life did the people of the river lead?

Treasure hunt : Sailors' houses in the city / Genealogy of sailors at the Municipal Archives.

"Loire hull"

Boats and navigation on the river

Visit : Chaland the Princess of loire with the Association des Gabarriers du Haut Val de Loire

"Between sky and Loire"

Traditions and customs of river people

Treasure hunt : Chapel and stained glass window Saint Nicolas at the church of Saint-Jacques de Cosne

"Anger of the Loire"

The floods of the Loire through the centuries

Treasure hunt : Flood marks in the city / Crues de Loire at the Municipal Archives

"From the Loire to the plate"

Professional fishing and freshwater fish

Workshop : weaving of fishing net

And also: goods on the Loire – Loire toll – knots and marine ropes – water paths: the canals – brushes and feathers of the Loire…

For your educational projects…

Budding guide: children practice a guided tour of the collections and welcome their parents or another class to the Museum…

Loire families: the children make a game of Loire families at the end of several thematic sessions…

Loire classes: 1 to 5 days around the themes of the Loire at the museum and with in particular the Pavillon de Pouilly (natural environments, canoeing …).

"aMUSEEzezez you children!": the children exhibit their work carried out following regular sessions at the museum.

Loire discovery itineraries (history and natural environments): linking the museum's resources with the city's heritage.

EPI and History of the Arts: discover our "turnkey" sheets in different fields, in connection with works from the museum, for an unprecedented interdisciplinary educational experience:

"architecture" sheet – "scenography" sheet"landscape" sheet"portrait" sheet"navigation" sheet"sailor's furniture" sheet

Educational materials and tools :

  • Pedagogical model of gabarre.
  • Educational trunks (techniques of painting, drawing, photography, earthenware; colors; goods; knots and ropes…)
  • Treasure hunts (itineraries proposed in the museum)
  • Puzzles (from the works of the museum)
  • Games of errors (for the work of observation from the works of the museum)
  • Questionnaires proposed during the animation or downstream for an extension to the school.
  • Interdisciplinary pedagogical sheets.

The museum's partners :