Reflections of earthenware, the Loire for decoration

Presentation of the exhibition:

Earthenware "decorated with the Loire" developed mainly in the second half of the18th century when the golden age of boating was already reached. This new kind of artistic production is a reflection, even a consequence, of the prosperity of river trade and transport. It is also induced by a popularization of the offer. Life around the river became one of the privileged subjects of potters. The scenes depicted are diverse, whether they are activities directly related to the use of the river such as the transport of people and goods, marking, fishing or trades related to its economy: carpenter, washerwoman, cooper, winemaker, rope maker … These decorations adapt to all shapes: plate, salad bowl, beard dish, pitcher or gourd, vase, etc.

Through this exhibition, immerse yourself in the world of art earthenware: its history, its traditional techniques of manufacture and decoration. Finally, explore the life of the Men of the Loire to discover their thoughts or beliefs, and the many activities carried out near the river. A meeting between Loire and earthenware.

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