The museum has a shop area. From detailed books on the collections to games for children to the museum's exhibition catalogues , the shop offers items for everyone, on the Loire, the Fine Arts or local history.

The shop is also an opportunity for visitors to bring back a souvenir of their visit: postcards, earthenware or porcelain dishes, anchor keychains or Ver-Vert parrot, Ver-Vert plush, notebook "Musée de la Loire", colored pencils or pencil "Musée de la Loire", magnets, puzzles,etc …

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Loire Museum – Place de la Résistance


by attaching your payment check to the order of Régie de Recettes du Musée municipal de Cosne/Loire, your articles will be sent to you carriage paid as soon as possible by post (only for books).

We are now present on the online store Buy in the Heart of the Loire, come and visit us: