Find here all the activities to do or the must-see places to discover in the surroundings around the Loire Museum:

Getaway to Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire…

To learn all about the history of the city of Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire, we suggest you go for a walk through the streets of the city, with a small walking route of about 2 km. You can pick it up in our tourist information points, in Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire or Pouilly-sur-Loire or download it here:

Children are not forgotten because Sacha and his friend Ver-Vert will also accompany them on your family city tour. Nice little booklets are on sale in our tourist information points, in Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire and Pouilly-sur-Loire. A fun way to learn more while having fun.

Escapade in the surroundings…

The Tour du Pouilly-Fumé in Pouilly-sur-Loire

This place immerses the visitor in a multi-sensory journey that highlights the vineyards of Pouilly and the know-how of the winegrowers. This former coaching inn, located in the city center of Pouilly-sur-Loire was originally composed of a mansion with a vaulted cellar, a cellar, a tower and a cellar. 

Throughout the visit of the interpretation center, follow a winegrower for a year and enter the heart of the vineyards of Pouilly. The first sequence "words of winegrowers" plunges you into an atmosphere of Pouillyssois cellar and makes you follow, through the portrait of a family of winegrowers, the evolution of the vineyard. With the second sequence, discover "the 4 seasons of the vine", multi-sensory show, where you are presented the work of the vine over a year where the climatic effects surprise you! The last sequence "to each winemaker his wine" introduces visitors to their secrets and the winegrowers show that there are as many wines as there are winemakers.

The site also has a Cellar with Aromas that offers© you to perceive all the richness of the aromatic palette of our wines. Ten glass balloons open to your nose present the aromatic families of Pouilly Fumé and Pouilly-sur-Loire. Each family is made up only of natural products, the effect is guaranteed!

The Tour du Pouilly-Fumé – 30, Rue Waldeck Rousseau in Pouilly-sur-Loire.

Phone: +33 (0)

The Belvedere of Saint-Andelain

Why not climb to the top of the Saint-Andelain belvedere to admire the Pouilly vineyards?From the top of this former converted water tower, opens a wide panorama that goes from the Loire to Charité-sur-Loire, through the valleys of Sancerrois, to the south of the Loiret, with the vineyards of Pouilly at your feet! Before accessing the platform (by stairs), two intermediate landings present the history of the place. The upper platform also has a telescope to enjoy the Loire landscapes as close as possible. For people who cannot access it, a camera is installed at the top of the belvedere, it transmits on the big screen, on the ground floor, the images taken in real time. It can also be controlled from a touch terminal, where several destinations are offered with photos and explanatory videos on the terminal screen.   

Access to the belvedere is via an automated gate, triggered by a token obtained on site by a terminal operable by credit card.

Belvedere of Saint-Andelain. The village. Information from the town hall at +33 (0)

The Museum of Agricultural Machinery and Rurality in Saint-Loup-des-Bois

Dating back to 1993, the museum has a collection of more than 150 agricultural machines all in working order. Discover the tractors retracing the history of our campaigns, from the 1st World War to the rural exodus of the 1950s, without forgetting the democratization of the tractor after the 2nd World War or the arrival of "giant" tractors. Also admire the collection of 70 combine harvesters, one of the largest in the world with rare or unique pieces!

The museum also presents the ancient wood trades that once inhabited our villages. Enter a discovery area of 3,600 m² divided into 3 poles.

The museum also has a huge collection of irons: composed of more than 1000 pieces, this collection traces the history of irons from prehistory to the present day. From the animal's jaw to the electric iron, the iron has followed the evolution of energies: embers, gas, alcohol, oil, electricity…

Finally, the museum is a guardian of rurality. The conservatory orchard is the first testimony to this.

Located on the site of the museum and made up of 32 ancient species of apple, plum and other cherry trees, the conservatory orchard alone represents a true open-air museum. Cultural bridge between yesterday, today and tomorrow, since it teaches young and old alike the natural cycles of nature, promoting biodiversity, raising awareness among citizens, rural or urban, of the necessary preservation of our environment.

Every year, the museum offers a program of animations "AgriCulturelles" with the Rétrofoin in June, the Rétromoisson on August 15 (more than 700 mechanics of yesteryear in action for a show unique in Europe), Rétro TP in September but also the Fruit Festival in October, etc …

Museum of agricultural machinery and rurality – 9 Rue du Maître de Forges in Saint Loup des Bois.

Phone : +33 (0)

The Mill of Maupertuis in Donzy

It is one of the 57 mills that lined the Nohain and its tributaries. It ceased to operate in 1961. But more than 30 years ago, it was transformed into an Ecomuseum, by passionate volunteers. During a visit and through the various animations, you can discover all the secrets of this place dating from the fourteenth century. At the bend of the rue André Audinet, listen and you will hear it: the wheel of the Moulin de Maupertuis, nestled in the hollow of the old Donzy! It tells the story of the past, the life of the miller and his crunchy anecdotes. She talks about the volunteers who worked to rebuild and run it! 

At the mill, also find the reception point of the Loire, Vignobles and Nohain Tourist Office.

Moulin de Maupertuis – Rue André Audinet in Donzy. 

Phone : +33 (0)

La Grange de Cadoux – Peasant Museum of Burgundy-Nivernaise in La Celle-sur-Loire

An old barn of the fifteenth century and agricultural buildings, located along the famous historic N7, house the museum of rural life of Nivernais.

Surprising museum where we find:

– daily life around the fire,

– the work of wool, hemp, spinning, weaving,

– the evocation of the trades of yesteryear with old tools of executioner, cooper, cart, sabotier …

– technical developments, the first hand machines,

– the presentation of the region, folklore, local traditions.

Audio-visual, temporary exhibitions, picnic area.

Peasant Museum of Burgundy Nivernaise – Domaine de Cadoux – on the old RN7 in La Celle-sur-Loire

Phone: +33 (0)

The Museum of Surgery Pr. Christian Cabrol in Myennes

Come and discover one of the few French museums dedicated to the history of surgery. The tours are guided by exciting specialists who know how to put this amazing science within everyone's reach. You will be able to see exceptional pieces such as surgical knives from the Neolithic to the first artificial heart-lung devices.

A unique space in France, dedicated to the memory of Professor Christian Cabrol, contains objects and documents that belonged to the Professor and recounts his brilliant career.

A room dedicated to anatomy presents fascinating pieces from the 19th and early 20th century.Two hours of visit… Unforgettable!

Museum of Surgery Pr. Christian Cabrol, in Myennes. Information from the Tourist Office on +33 (0) or on

The Louise Museums in Vielmanay

The Association "Mémoire d'Antan" takes you into the past, to discover the life of the village of Vielmanay in the last century. Discover:

– the wash house museum: find the atmosphere of the wash house of yesteryear, the gestures of the washerwomen, the tools …

– the school museum: immerse yourself in your memories as a schoolboy with the reconstructed classroom from 1930, the recreation buddies and the ink that stained your fingers.

– the bedroom, the teacher's kitchen and her garden of aromatic plants: discover the daily life of a teacher from 1930 through her kitchen, her room, her tool shed and her garden.

– the grocery café: immerse yourself in the friendly atmosphere of the café of yesteryear where card games and absinthe were common use. The grocer proposed with a multitude of objects, the spirit "bazaar" where everything was consumable, to unity if necessary.

The different places to visit are located in the village, the route is about 300 meters. The tours are guided.

Museums of the Louise – The village, in Vielmanay. 

Phone: +33 (0)

The Pavillon du Milieu de Loire in Pouilly-sur-Loire

House of nature and the environment, the Pavillon du Milieu de Loire is a structure for welcoming the public and a place of environmental education.

You will find: a large temporary exhibition room with a varied program, a permanent space dedicated to the Loire Valley Nature Reserve, a terrace equipped to accommodate wild fauna and flora, a themed tourist information point, a nature shop and an organic refreshment bar, a documentation center and a relaxation area for young and old. Nearby you will also find: discovery trails, a playground and picnic.

The Pavillon du Milieu de Loire is also a nature animation structure.Alone, with family, or with friends, it offers many nature activities throughout the summer and for all audiences: nature days for children, commented descents of the Loire in a 12-seater canoe, outings and nature workshops, conference evenings…Discover soon the whole program of animations and temporary exhibitions.

The Pavillon du Milieu de Loire is labeled Accueil Vélo.

New: from July, the Pavillon du Milieu de Loire offers electric bike rental. Rental of VTC or mountain bike adults, half day and day.

Pavillon du Milieu de Loire – Quai Jules Pabiot, in Pouilly-sur-Loire.

Phone: +33 (0)

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